this week so far:

1) rain

2) more rain

3) a painted house

4) a painted kitchen

5) work

6) more work

slip into the vortex of a myspace addiction, which is numberless because it floats above all numbers.

7) attempt to get some writing done, fail.

8) learn that short story collection is soon going out to publishers.

8a) Get excited.

9) reality check. get scared.

10) get excited again.

11) no, no. You’ve been down this road before, remember? Keep your emotions in check. Remind yourself that collections are a “hard sell.”

12) Okay. Right. but it doesn’t hurt to be a bit excited, right? Doesn’t hurt to want something good to happen?

13) okay, whatever.

14) read friends’ manuscripts.

15) start getting manuscripts for upcoming workshop. Get excited.

16) become overwhelmed. get excited agian. become overwhelmed again. get excited again.

17) rain.

18) more rain.

19) break glasses and have to geekly wrap them in tape to keep them together.

20) buy a new digital scale. This is a big mistake.

21) make optometrist appointment.

22) rain.

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