Could not stop thinking of this painting–Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose–today. It’s one I love. It’s one we all love. I mean, come on! You love it, right? I saw it up close and personal at the MFA in Boston a few years ago at the John Singer Sargent exhibit and my love expanded like the universe.

It’s on my mind, probably, because June is supposed to be my favorite month. I think of the fireflies. Running on the beach. The flowers. The birds singing.

But so far, not so much. We have, once again, torrential rain. Days and days of it. I just had to turn the heat on it is so damp and cold.

My mood plummets.

But then there is this painting again. The young girls and the magic of the light.

And then there is also this really cool story by Kelly Link: CARNATION, LILY, LILY, ROSE

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