This looks like a good ‘un. The guest judge is Charles D’Ambrosio. The winning story will be posted on the EWN blog during the month of December 2006, and will be published in the Spring 2007 issue of Frostproof Review. The author of the winning story will receive $500.

Here’s more info from the EWN blog:

Entry Fee: $10
Deadline: All stories must be physically mailed and arrive with a postmark of August 15, 2006 or earlier (and feel free to start sending as early as today)
Length: Stories must be between 3000 and 8000 words in length


No former classmates of either Charles D’Ambrosio or Dan Wickett are eligible to win.

No students, former students, or former instructors of either Charles D’Ambrosio or Dan Wickett are eligible to win.

No family members of either Charles D’Ambrosio or Dan Wickett are eligible to win.
Of the 20 stories selected by Dan Wickett as finalists, at least half will come from non-EWN members (to ensure no pro-EWN member bias on my part, unintentional or not). This caveat relies on having received at least 10 submissions from non-EWN members.

The 20 finalists will be sent to Charles D’Ambrosio with no author names – he will be selecting his winner blindly. Once he’s made a choice – we will verify that D’Ambrisio has never been a student of, or with, the author; nor a former classmate of the author; nor a family member of the author. At that point, we will announce the winner.

The 20 finalist titles and authors will be listed on this blog in the winner announcement post, again, in December 2006.

As this is an EMERGING WRITERS network – only authors who have (or will have) published three books or less as of December 31, 2006 will be eligible to win.
Manuscripts, and checks of $10 (made out to Dan Wickett) per entry, should be mailed to:

Dan Wickett
EWN 2006 Short Fiction Contest
1334 Woodbourne Street
Westland, MI 48186

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