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Oh Baby, by Kim Chinquee

Be prepared: Oh Baby, Kim Chinquee’s debut collection, will knock you on your ass. It’s a book about love: mother for child; child for mother, for father; man for woman; woman for man and man and man. Love for running. Love for vodka. It’s a book about women: a runner, an artist, a nurse, a mother, a girlfriend, a wife, a daughter, a friend. … Read More Oh Baby, by Kim Chinquee

some great new books

There are some exciting books coming out soon and I’m sure you’ll want a copy of each: I’m beyond delighted that I will soon have in my possession a copy of A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness! This collection of four chapbooks ( Laughter, Applause, Laughter, Music, Applause by Kathy Fish, Wanting by Amy L. Clark, Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix by Elizabeth Ellen, and … Read More some great new books

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