There are some exciting books coming out soon and I’m sure you’ll want a copy of each:

I’m beyond delighted that I will soon have in my possession a copy of A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness! This collection of four chapbooks ( Laughter, Applause, Laughter, Music, Applause by Kathy Fish, Wanting by Amy L. Clark, Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix by Elizabeth Ellen, and The Sky Is a Well by Claudia Smith) is sure to please. Here’s what the brilliant Pia Z. Ehrhardt has to say about it:

The four brilliant chapbooks that make up A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness are disarmingly, unabashedly intimate collections by women who know how to tell a story and aren’t afraid to drag the unspoken out into the light of day.

Kim Chinquee is not only a wonderful, supportive person, she’s also a talented writer and I’m excited that I will soon own a copy of her forthcoming collection: Oh Baby. To tantalize you further, here’s the blurb:

A wonderful debut collection of prose poems and flash fictions, short short stories of beautiful precisions and understated passions. While the bricks with which Chinquee constructs her fictions—failed or failing relationships, childhood friendships, the intricacies of family life—are not uncommon, the architecture she creates with them is rare indeed: stories now full of light, now somber, now opening the reader’s eyes to an utterly new space.

I’m a huge fan of Xujun Eberlin–not just of her writing, but of her person. She is an incredible human being who writes more beautifully and clearly in English than many native speakers. That being said, you will want a copy of her soon-to-be-released book APOLOGIES FORTHCOMING. Here is a blurb from Livingston Press:

A totally illuminating collection of stories centered around China’s Cultural Revolution and its aftermath, which, as we learn, continues even today-with both sides still holding out, with “apologies forthcoming.” Xujun Eberlein lived in China during that tumultuous period and now makes her home in America. This, her first story collection, is both disturbing and enthralling.

These books not only represent the fine work of some talented women writers, but also they exhibit the quality work put out by small presses. Go on and support ’em, why don’t you?

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