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Katrina Denza: Read: “Echolocation” by Myfanwy Collins

Thrilled to be ending the week on a high note! The always insightful Katrina Denza reviews Echolocation. Thank you, Kat! Katrina Denza: Read: “Echolocation” by Myfanwy Collins.

new at wigleaf

Two beautiful new stories at wigleaf: Peace, by Katrina Denza & Swicks Rule!, by Kathy Fish

Katrina Denza x 2

What a treat! Here is an excellent flash by the darling and dear Katrina Denza at wigleaf—soap–and a wonderful (generous) interview with her at Storyglossia.

Storyglossia #27 and Keyhole Magazine #2

The wonderful and extremely talented Katrina Denza acted as guest editor Storyglossia’s Issue #27 and I am thrilled that she selected one of my stories for inclusion: Timmy is Dead. In other news, I’m delighted to announce that Keyhole Magazine Issue #2 (within which you will find my story “Voodoo”) is available for order. I’m deeply honored by the company I keep in both … Read More Storyglossia #27 and Keyhole Magazine #2

Katrina Denza to guest edit next issue of Storyglossia

I just learned that the next issue of Storyglossia is to be guest edited by Katrina Denza. Katrina is one helluva writer and one helluva reader–so send your very best work!

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