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self-promotion, bookselling, blah blah blah

As you probably know, I am in the middle of launching my new book, THE BOOK OF LANEY. It is a young adult novel and so a bit of a departure for me. I am extremely proud of this book and I hope those of you who have read it will believe me and know this to be true when I say it: I … Read More self-promotion, bookselling, blah blah blah

My AWP Schedule (please commit this to memory!)

A week from now, many of us will be in the thick of the annual AWP conference in Minneapolis. By this point, we will be exhilarated, exhausted, dehydrated, hungry, possibly hungover (especially if you drank that shot that was offered to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!), missing our families/pets or families and pets or missing no one. We will also hoping to connect … Read More My AWP Schedule (please commit this to memory!)


pub day: today is my butter

Last weekend, I made a double batch of zucchini bread because we have a busy week ahead. My son is in his second play and has seven performances between tomorrow and Sunday. I wanted him to be able to have something homemade in his snack and lunch so that even though he was busy, he would know he was loved and that I was … Read More pub day: today is my butter

Spark, by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk

I picked up Courtney Elizabeth Mauk’s debut novel SPARK in the early evening, expecting to read a few pages and did not put it down again until I had finished it three+ hours later. It’s a glorious, fast-paced read, filled with beautiful language, tightly-written scenes, and unforgettable characters. For all of her life, Andrea has known one thing for sure: she was born to save her … Read More Spark, by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk

An Echolocation Interview

I’m Reading at Newtonville Books tonight at 7PM!

The first of my readings for Echolocation is tonight at Newtonville Books, an awesome bookstore which is supportive of independent presses. Go, Newtonville! Here are my responses to the Newtonville Books Questionnaire. Hope to see you there!

Katrina Denza: Read: “Echolocation” by Myfanwy Collins

Thrilled to be ending the week on a high note! The always insightful Katrina Denza reviews Echolocation. Thank you, Kat! Katrina Denza: Read: “Echolocation” by Myfanwy Collins.

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