Just got word from Art Stein (whom I’ve connected with through my beloved father-in-law) that the web site for the group, Slate Roof Poets, is now live. Who are Slate Roof Poets, you ask? Here’s a blurb from the site:

Slate Roof is a group of poets who work collectively to publish Franklin County poets. Now in our third year, our membership includes Jim Bell, Trish Crapo, Susan Middleton, Susie Patlove, Ed Rayher and Art Stein. We look forward to welcoming new members into Slate Roof in the spring
of 2006.

Slate Roof chapbooks are designed by the poets, with letterpress covers printed by collective member and master printer Ed Rayher of Swamp Press, Northfield, MA. Attention is paid to typography, paper choice and binding. One of our goals is to feature the artwork of local artists. All profits return to the press. Poets retain copyright.

Now, let me just tell you that the chapbooks this group produces are gorgeous inside and out. So why not do yourself a favor and order one today.

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