Here is another letter from the botany notebook. This one traveled approximately 40 miles and was sent to a Mrs. Cyrus Merrill.

Dear Ma-

I have just gotten home from school and am going to write a few lines and get them into this mail if possible.

I went up to the place where I think of going and have almost decided to go. If I go I only go Saturday anyway. She said she would board me for $3.50. And I says, I yes, that’s what I pay at Mrs. Boomhowers for board and washing.

She didn’t want to do my washing for that but finally she said she would. So I said I would let her know to-morrow if I could come and would come Sat. if I decide to come.

So if I go from here I will have to pay Mrs. Boomhower when I go anyway. I want to pay when I go. I don’t know how much it will be. It will be about 16 or 17 days. So you see my bill won’t be far from $10. Perhaps you’d better send me money to buy my underwear at the same time.

I was going to say something else but I can’t think what it was. I wish I had some cotton stockings. I put a pair in the wash last Monday and I haven’t seen them since so the pair I have on I wore all last week & will have to wear this week. Also a handkerchief I put in the wash I didn’t find; one you hem stitched.

They have lots of comapny here. I have to study hard. I had to drop Zoology and take Rhetoric. I don’t feel well. I tool my lunch today for the first time. I thought I could not stand it to walk home this noon.

I had to ride part way up to school this morning.

I will expect a letter tomorrow, not an answer to this.

I wish you could see about sending the money as soon as possible.

Well I must close now. This my last stamp. I wrote to Crissie Sunday.

I guess it’s going to rain.

Goodbye, From,

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