The long-awaited See You Next Tuesday anthology will be released on June 20th. You won’t want to miss out. Here’s the blurb from the web site:

The recipe for our new anthology is simple: Sex, 50 stories, 1,000 words each, written by 50 authors from all over the globe. A scandalous fusion of literary traditions, See You Next Tuesday is the exclusive and hyper-unusual mishmash of never-seen sex-texts, exploring the inevitable and always poignant cross-sections of human existence and sexuality.

And like our every-day assorted world, See You Next Tuesday is diverse and dappled. In its opening pages, a U.S. marine maneuvers morality. An aching adolescent “finds himself” in a backyard Jacuzzi. And two men discuss the most coveted part of a woman’s body. Not to mention some other issues: inter-office obsessions, obese body thumping, mountain-moving devirginization, incestuous insight, blind ménage à trios, extra-extramarital encounters, much love for man’s best friend and vengeful women with impeccable aim of their…

Yet, friends, do not mistake See You Next Tuesday for a collection of Erotica. The stories herein paint a deeper, three-dimensional landscape. Some of the figures in such landscape just happen to be getting it on.

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