My dad brought me to see Jaws the summer it was released. After the movie, I remember how terrified I was as we walked from the spot where we parked our car, down the dark dirt road that led to our cottage. I felt Jaws everywhere–in the woods. And the next day, it took a great deal of convincing to get me into the lake.

To this day, there is always a tug of fear when I enter the ocean for a swim, especially at night.

And on this, the movie’s 30th anniversary, Martha’s Vineyard is celebrating with JawsFest:

In 1974, a group of filmmakers arrived on Martha’s Vineyard to make a movie, based on a popular best-selling novel. The movie – JAWS©. The impact of that film on popular culture and the entertainment industry is legendary. Now, thirty years later in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the filming of Jaws, the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce will launch Jaws Fest, an annual 3-day event for Jaws fans from around the globe.

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