On more than one occasion, Allen and I have wondered if we shouldn’t start some sort of marriage therapy service that involves Sumo suits. We’ve never used them but when we get to one of those situations when neither of us is willing to back down, we have to wonder if things wouldn’t be easier if we couldn’t just strap on our sumo suits and have at each other.

Anyway, the current source of irritation (for me) is that Allen was completely, rigidly unwilling to listen to me that about the FACT that Weebles (an inferior toy!) are not synonamous with Fisher Price.

I KNEW that they were not the same toys. Fisher-Price toys were excellent. My sisters and I had the farm and the house and I had the Sesame Street version. They were outstanding toys. Made of wood, real quality. Whereas, Weebles were just sort of lame. So they wobble and don’t fall down. So what?

To be fair, I never played with Weebles. Never had any desire to. But Fisher-Price? I know Fisher-Price. And even though Allen is a decade older than I am and admitted that he never played with either of these toys, he was unwilling to listen to reason.

Which is why the Sumo suits are in order. In those Sumo suits, we become human Weebles. We wobble and we roll around but we don’t fall down, damnit. We are invincible.

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