at the bird feeder this morning:

  • two blue jays: they are always the first to arrive in the morning, in the grey light before the sun is up.
  • five or six chickadees and nuthatches
  • one bird of indeterminite origin–I can’t make it out.
  • the red squirrel: he thinks it belongs to him.
  • one mourning dove: she likes to eat the seed underneath the feeder–sort of like a chicken.
  • the cardinal: there is one gorgeous cardinal that hangs out in the backyard and waits for everyone to go. Then he eats the seed underneath. I’ve read that cardinals prefer to eat from more of flat surface than an elevated bird feeder.

Missing are the deer who have eaten most of the food. We have started putting just a bit in each day as since the deer have discovered it, they have cleaned it out at night. We have yet to catch them in the act but I must so I can get a photo.

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