Sam Shepard’s new play, The God of Hell, opened off-broadway yesterday and it is getting raves. It sounds as though, Shepard, in typical fashion, has his eye on the real America and not the hype we are fed through the media (from

The American heartland that Sam Shepard has evoked in his plays is very different from the one that politicians tend to extol in campaign speeches. And the moral values that inform Shepard’s latest effort are clearly of a very different nature than the ones that reportedly played a key role in the recent presidential election.

I’ve loved Sam Shepard ever since one of my drama profs told me that he and Patti Smith once holed up in an apartment and for an entire weekend wrote a play on gum wrappers. Oh, and I love him because he’s a fucking fearless genuis (okay, so he was in Baby Boom, but I liked that movie and his character in it and, hey, everyone’s got to make money somehow).

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