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I am Happy. I am Good.

Grief cuts off the intellect. You live in your animal place. Pacing, anxious. Fight or flight. My child is safe. My five-year-old child is safe. He is in the kitchen eating pancakes that his father made for him. They are talking about the different varieties of pancakes. It is any other day. But it is not any other day. Yesterday, an apocalyptic event occurred. … Read More I am Happy. I am Good.

Enter for your chance to win a copy of I AM HOLDING YOUR HAND

 I AM HOLDING YOUR HAND is forthcoming from [PANK] Books in January 2013. Click here and enter for your chance to WIN one of two signed copies. And please spread the word!    

Thanks Giving

I was going to write about my son and how he told his bus driver that his favorite thing about Thanksgiving was being with his family. I was going to write about how I can’t stop thinking about those of you who are alone today and those of you who are hungry. I was going to write about those of you who are unloved. … Read More Thanks Giving

2012, a year in preview

In 2012…. my son turns five he graduates from preschool he goes to kindergarten I turn 45 and vow to focus on my health I celebrate my ten-year wedding anniversary my first novel debuts my first short story collection debuts I vow to run more, to read more, to eat less, to eat more I finish my thesis and finally receive my MA in … Read More 2012, a year in preview

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