I wrote 2013 for the first time this morning. Isn’t that always so strange–he hesitation and then the full commitment to the new year? Of course, if you are like me, you will find yourself voiding a cheque or two before the year becomes automatic. But the new year exists nonetheless. Whether you write it or not, it is here.

So, yes, now it is January and it is 2013 and what the means to me is that my collection of fiction I AM HOLDING YOUR HAND is no longer forthcoming; now it simply is.

With that, I offer my thanks to those of who helped bring this book into this world:

I offer my thanks to the wonderful human beings at [PANK]: Roxane Gay, M Bartley Siegel, and Abby Koski. Also, I thank Alban Fischer for his beautiful design.

I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the editors who said yes to my work and published it in their journals before it appeared in this book:


SmokeLong Quarterly

Quick Fiction




3AM Magazine

Used Furniture Review


Untitled Books

Me Three

Vestal Review


Journal for the Compressed Creative Arts


Exquisite Corpse


Lilies and Cannonballs Review



Mississippi Review

DZANC Best of the Web Anthology


Potomac Review

Jabberwock Review

Kenyon Review

Revolution House

Everyday Genius


The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction

My thanks to the talented writers who took the time to read and endorse this bookEric SpitznagelRandall BrownEthel Rohan, and Kathy Fish.

My thanks and love to my friends and family who love me no matter what, especially my husband and my son. My thanks to those of you who have supported me in my writing efforts over the years; your encouragement has meant so much to me, friends.

My thanks also to those editors who said no to me over the years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reassess my work and improve it.

Finally, I thank those of you who will read this book. Whether you like it or not, I am grateful that you took the time to read what I had to say.

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