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Just One Question is a new series in which I pose just one question to a Hot Pants author about their work. In the past, I have featured Myfanwy Collins and Ethel Rohan.  In this episode, I ask Scott Garson about his collection American Gymnopédies. Recently re-issued by Lit Pub Books, the book was praised by Jim Heynen as a “wonderfully original work.”

Jennifer: There must be something about America, and the cities your characters inhabit, that is very interesting to you. What did you hope to communicate by titling the book and the pieces with place names?

Scott: First, thanks for the opporturnity, Jen!  What I’ve found about questions like these: you think you know what the answer will be, but then you don’t. So let’s see…

Maybe the most honest response would have to start with the other side of the equation—the ‘gymnopédie’ thing. I’ve always loved the…

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