Lately, everything I’ve done has gotten me closer to my roots–roots as tight and intertwined as the roots of grass. Typically,  a person uses the term “grass roots” to describe a type of political campaign, one coming from a local level and from the people as opposed to from an enormous political machine.

I’m using grass roots to talk about my Echolocation launch. Since the end of February, I’ve held readings, signings, discussions, chats, lectures. I’ve been interviewed. I’ve blogged. I’ve guest blogged. I’ve been reviewed. I’ve reviewed. I’ve grabbed hold of my book’s destiny and run with it. And each pair of hands my book has landed into as a result of this work, will hopefully land it into another set of hands.

My sincere hope is that you feel that this book is not being shoved down your throat from some large machine, because it’s not. It’s coming to you from me and from the people. It’s coming to you from an independent press, Engine Books. The goal is not wealth. The goal is telling our stories, sharing them. The goal is spreading our roots.

In this, I am not alone. My friends, my family, and complete strangers have reached out to help me launch this book. I’m so grateful to you all. Every day I feel like I’m running as fast as I can and you’re right beside me, holding my hand, keeping up.

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