What a beautiful, eventful week it has been. Woke up this morning to a wonderful feature article in my local paper: I’ve always dreamed of this. Have received emails and phone calls and pats on the back today. My community has been so wonderfully supportive.

My mind was BLOWN by Maura Lynch’s generous review of Echolocation. Thank you, Maura! Here’s a quote from it:

“What we will do to preserve family, or sometimes destroy it, has mesmerized us since the beginning.  Myfanwy Collins’s ECHOLOCATION is a new classic literary crime thriller, beautifully written, seamlessly plotted, and heart-wrenching.”

I was also blown away by this terrific review from Kevin Fanning. Thank you, Kevin! Here’s a quote:

Saying much more would give too much away, but it’s not a book that hands things over tidily. It is true to life and true to its characters. Families can be messy and complicated because lives are messy and complicated, and this book doesn’t sugarcoat it or pat it down. It really stuck with me, I was chewing over the ending for the rest of the day, so “haunting” seems like the right word for it. Loved it.

I love the largehearted boy blog because it focuses on two things I love: music and the written word. Naturally, then, I was thrilled when David asked me to write a playlist for Echolocation. I loved doing it.

Dawn, over at the great book blog She is Too Fond of Books, was gracious enough to offer me a guest post. I wrote Pen Pals: Social Media Retrospective.

Last week I was at AWP in Chicago. My editor and publisher, Victoria Barrett, summed up the experience beautifully on the Engine Books Blog.

In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the wonderful support Echolocation has received on its coming out. I wrote a bit about it here.

Last week was Newtonville and Chicago; next week is New York and Newburyport. So excited!

2 Comments on “Launch Week Wrap Up: My Cup Runneth Over

  1. It’s all wonderful, Myf!! “Echolocation” is soaring!!

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