I am extremely fortunate to have received an advanced review copy of Ellen Meister‘s soon-to-be-released and breathtakingly great new novel, The Other Life. I can’t wait for the book to be released and for the rest of the reading public to join me in celebrating this beautiful book.

Before I had a child, I often wondered what it would be like to have one and wondered how my life would change if I did. I wanted a magic vision–some way to see what it would be like. But there is no such view into the alternate worlds we imagine for ourselves; experience is the only answer.

At its core this book explores the question of the road not taken. If we are honest we can all admit that there comes in a time in our lives when we wonder what would have happened if we had chosen another path. Most often, we push the thought away, satisfied as we are with our partners and families if we have them or happy not to have them. Whatever the case may be.

But what if you could experience that other life?

During an extremely volatile and emotionally devastating time of her life, Quinn is able to make the leap to her other life. She is able to experience all of the emotion of an alternate life, while retaining the knowledge of her current existence.

It is almost what one might believe of heaven–an other life which allows you your experiences from your true life. And in that other life, you might encounter those who had passed before you, living as they once did.

The problem for Quinn is not in experiencing this alternate reality, and not in choosing which place is the best for her–instead the problem is about what she is willing to sacrifice and for whom. In the end, her decision is based not on holding onto the past, but in believing in the future.

This book will break your heart and piece it back together. Not only is it beautifully written, it’s also a great read. Without hesitation, I say, buy this book for someone you love and I promise you they will thank you for it.

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