I received great news on Friday night (and am only now having the chance to talk about it on here–due to the ice dams in our eaves which are threatening to submerge our office. FUCK!). Anyway, found out that my story The Daughters, which was published by Monkeybicycle (I have a huge crush on Monkeybicycle! Never thought I’d have a crush on a ezine and publisher, but I do!) is going to be in the DZANC Books Best of the Web Anthology. I’m over the moon!

To take my monkeylove one step further… I’m delighted to announce that I will have a story in their upcoming print issue as well. More about this as pre-orders become available.

Okay, I’m off to go stare at my window casings to see if any more water is seeping in. Oh, and Anthony Bourdain is on. So, you know. I’m going to go see what he eats.

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