To celebrate its 2006 National Magazine Award in Fiction, VQR has published a special writers on writers supplement (available online because the issue sold out!):

The stories contained herein are of a slightly different strain. We asked each contributor to write a story in which a famous writer appears by name. Beyond that, we allowed for any angle. It could be a straightforward biographical narrative, such as Robert Walser’s “Kleist in Thon,” which recounts an actual journey of Heinreich von Kleist; an imagined (or even fantastic) tale, such as Allan Gurganus’s “Reassurance,” in which one of Walt Whitman’s soldier friends writes from heaven; or a humorous take, such as Ian Frazier’s “LGA/ORD,” in which Frazier riffs on Samuel Beckett’s claim that, had he not become a writer, he would have been an airline pilot.

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