Sorry to be so long silent. Am spending most of my time looking inward lately, instead of spewing outward. But for those of you who still stop by here (and thank you!), I wanted to update you with some news:

1) I am honored to have my story Orange Crush live today at Storyglossia. There is accompanying commentary on the story in the Storyglossia blog. Big thank you to Steven J. McDermott, the editor of Storyglossia, for this lovely treatment!

2) Do yourself a favor and go on and read Bless You, by my dear friend Kathy Fish.

3) Finally, please check out the San Francisco Chronicle’s SIMMERING SUMMER READING list where you will find mention of such notable (and highly anticipated by me) debuts as Pia Z. Ehrhardt’s Famous Fathers and Other Stories and Ron Currie’s God Is Dead

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