Just got this in email from my pal Jordan and am passing it on–looks great:

Your Turn
in the Write Free Newsletter
edited by Rebecca Lawton and
Jordan E. Rosenfeld

This Month: Rebirth and Susan Bono of Tiny Lights
Deadline: February 15

Your Turn is a feature of the Write Free E-Newsletter (by the co-authors of the forthcoming book Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life—Kulupi Press), which offers writers and artists 10 monthly issues full of insights, activities, and open-hearted inspirations on how to attract and expand upon the creative life.

This month, we’re asking for your 300-word contributions written on the theme of Rebirth. If you’ve already created a short essay on this theme, dust it off and send it in. Or, if you’d like to exercise your writing muscles by coming up with something new, write a piece of 300 words or less and email your submission to us at guides@writefree.us by February 15.

If your essay is chosen, you will receive a complimentary issue of the newsletter.

If you’d like writing prompts to get you started, you can use either of these:

The biggest period of renewal in my life was . . .
Rebirth is the process of . . .

Or answer these questions:

Is death necessary for rebirth?
If death is not necessary for
rebirth, what is?

We’re pleased to have as our Rebirth guest editor Susan Bono of Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Essay. Many of you have read of Susan and Tiny Lights, a beacon of literary memoir whose reach has extended beyond its roots in the northern San Francisco Bay. If you haven’t, check it out at http://www.tiny-lights.com/. Tiny Lights is an exceptional and respected literary market. Those who publish in it have the pleasure of working with Susan, whose wise and insightful editing helps them grow as writers.

We look forward to reading your submissions, and Susan Bono will choose her favorite contribution and comment on it. The chosen essay and Susan’s comments will appear in the March 15 issue of Write Free. The contributor’s bio will be posted alongside the essay.

Have fun! May your writing follow your heart’s desire.

The Write Free work relies on a universal principle in which like attracts like. We use our writing energy to consciously attract the lives we want by flowing our creative vibrations onto paper.

Just as you create worlds, images, essays, and stories with your words, you can create the artist’s life you dream of with just as much pleasure and delight. We invite you to energize your dreams!

Write Free work is supported by workshops, retreats, a book and a monthly E-newsletter.

Find out more at: http://www.writefree.us/

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