my cable modem is on the fritz. Coincidence? I think not.

Actually, it probably is a coincidence brought to you thanks of the fine people of Adelphia soon to be Comcast. When I called about the outage yesterday they told me that they couldn’t send someone out until Saturday between 11-1PM. Super!

No problem, though, because I’m sure we’ll be credited for the days missed.

So now I’m at the town library where I appear to be the only person sucking up the free wireless. However, that does not mean I’m alone. Since when did people start talking in regular voices in the library? Where has the WHISPER gone? Where?

I feel like I’m in college again–working in the library. Except then I wrote my papers and stories out longhand and then went back to my house or apartment to type them on the typewriter and later on my Brother Word Processor. Those of you who have only written on computer have no idea how trying were those days pre-being able to type without fear of whiteout. Especially if you are like me and your handwriting is illegible.

I remember the Christmas that my boyfriend gave me the Brother for my present. It must have been 1989. I gave him a portable CD player, which I thought was a killer present. Until I opened my present and my whole world split open! I could type directly INTO the thing and SAVE it on a floppy disc! My god! Does the sun look shinier to you? Do the bird songs sound songier?

A revelation. Nothing short of it. I still have the thing and despite the fact that my husband would like to “lose” it between now and the next time we move, I’m hanging firm. It’s a relic, sure, but that machine has a lot of heart.

Okay, over and out from the library. And let’s all count down to the 17th when Mercury is no longer in retrograde.

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