When we went to bed last night there was no power. An electrical storm came through and around ten it sounded as though a transformer had gotten zapped. The dog was on the bed; he’s scared of loud noises.

At some point in the night, he got off the bed. Then when the storm started up again, I woke to find his snout stuffed in my face. He was on the floor next to the bed. I told him it was okay, go back to sleep, etc.

I fell asleep thinking of a story I wanted to write but when I woke up this morning, it was gone. Thoughts like storms passing through, zapping, moving on, leaving you washed clean in the morning.

The driveway is a sheen of wet leaves.

I subscribe to one of those word of the day things–today the word is concinnity. It’s not a word I’d heard before but I like it. According to the dictionary entry, it’s used mostly in regards to literary style–elegant in design, arrangement.

How does one achieve concinnity? Lots of work, revision. Thinking, thinking. This post lacks concinnity.

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