Today is the first day of autumn but my mind is still on summer, of days and nights at the lake.

The Greek theater is back in the woods, across the main road. And where was the hut where we found the spilled ketchup that we thought was blood? Where my sister lost her toy mousey? Gone. There was only moss on stone.

In my memory we had to walk through the field to get to the theater, but this was not the case. We had to walk through the theater to get to the field.

When I was young, Dad would hold my hand, pulling me up and having me follow him back down. Having done this hike for the first time in 20 years, I can’t believe I did it at age five.

I heard someone say that she thinks of her life as how many summers she has left. How many? I don’t know but I want them all to be like this one.

Let Evening Come.

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