Got this info from Utahna Faith and so am passing it on–sounds like a great contest:

Wild Strawberries: a journal of flash fiction and prose poetry is running a contest. We are looking for the best flash fiction story or prose poem about an animal or animals left behind and living in New Orleans after the flood. We are a small press print publication, and we publish literary flash fiction and prose poetry.

Entries for this contest should be between 250 and 700 words. One entry per writer, please. Deadline July 7. No entry fee. Please send your entry in plain text in the body of an email to:

Winner will be announced July 14 on the Wild Strawberries website:

The winning entry will be published in _Wild Strawberries_ issue four, and the winner will receive the usual author payment (choice of: two copies of the issue in which the piece appears plus a $10US honorarium, two copies plus a one-year subscription, or four copies). We ask for first serial rights (print and electronic) and six months exclusive publication.

Looking forward to reading your work!

Utahna Faith
Editor, Wild Strawberries: a journal of flash fiction and prose poetry

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