Yesterday, today, this week:

1) As of late, I have become obsessed with fresh pineapple. That is, I have become obsessed with eating it. I buy one, cut it up, and then commence to eating it–mostly all by myself. I have always been a lover of fruit. I believe I’ve mentioned before that as a child I would often eat a whole bag of navel oranges myself. Now, it’s strawberries, blueberries, pineapple. Oh, especially the sweet, juicy pineapple. I just finished my last one. Must get more.

2) Yesterday the keyboard on my 9 mos old laptop quit working. I tried everything and then I rebooted (big fucking mistake that because how do you type in your password when your keyboard is fucked? The answer: you don’t). The woman at Dell kept telling me to press F8 and I kept telling her, “I’m pressing it but nothing is happening because my KEYBOARD DOESN’T WORK.” By the time Allen got home, I was still on the phone. He followed her directions and opened up my laptop to take the keyboard out. There were many, many (a shameful amount really) of crumbs within, thus I will no longer be eating WASA while I write.

So then I was freaking out because I have work to do (and an invoice to send in!)–so we went to Staples and got this keyboard I am using now, while I await the replacement Dell is sending me. All in all, it was quite a good tech support experience (for me anyway, I pity the woman on the other end who had to deal with my hysteria).

3) So, I’ve switched from the OTC sleeping pills I take to fight my crushing insomnia to Valerian and I must say: So far, so good. The one issue I have is that it seems to amp up the insanity of my already insane dreams. Still, it’s been three days and working quite well (though the taste of the caplets makes me gag–they are that sweet, gaggy vitaminy dusty taste. uhhh uhhh, my mouth fills with saliva just thinking of it).

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