Did you watch the National Spelling Bee last night? As usual, it was fantastic, but the best moment was when Saryn Hooks spelled a word, was told she was incorrect and disqualified, only to be readmitted to the contest because, in fact, she had spelled it correctly but the judges had it wrong.

After that she was ON FIRE, but she did not win. Came in third, though.

An adorable Canadian girl, Finola Hackett, came in second. She lost on this cool word: weltschmerz

But the winner was Katharine Close of NJ:

Katharine’s modest but disarming smile turned into a gasp of joy Thursday when she aced “ursprache” which means a parent language to claim the Scripps National Spelling Bee title. She is the first girl to take the top prize in seven years.

I take my hat off to ABC for putting the bee on prime-time for the first time ever. I hope they will continue to broadcast it.

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