Even though it appears the real estate market in our area has gone bust, we are undaunted and are preparing to sell our house. As I type, painters are working on the trim. After they leave, we’ll fix the landscaping at the front, etc. etc.

But the other major thing I must do is have a yard/garage/tag sale (what do you call it? Depends on where you’re from, I think. I used to call it garage, but now I call it yard). The thought of this depresses me. We don’t have much stuff. Or at least I think we don’t, until I start opening boxes in the basement and find six billion carved wooden boxes stuffed with crappy jewelry. Not to mention the extra sets of dishes and board games we never play, etc. etc. etc.

I’m feelinng overwhelmed at the thought of it. Where to begin?

Okay, so here’s what my research has turned up so far–How to Plan a Yard or Garage Sale:

Stash large sums of money in the house during the sale and keep it locked up tight. Yard sales can be distracting, and bad guys will take advantage of that fact.

Fantastic. So not only are people going to be rooting through my crap, but they will also be ripping me off at the same time.

And then there’s this–Alt Guide: Yard Sales:

Watch out for the early birds, though; they may show up half an hour early and try to look through your stuff before you even get it out.

Who are these people that do this? Why? And:

Some people are always going to try to get you to go lower than your asking price. Most of those people are just trying to get a good deal, but some of them are buying to resell.

I’m not sure I have the stomach for it. Any advice? Anyone?

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