If you haven’t heard or read about Mountaintop Removal yet, I would urge you to do so by first reading this article–Kentucky writers speak out against mountaintop removal:

A year ago, the writers took a daylong tour of mountaintop removal mining sites in Eastern Kentucky and came away nearly militant in their resolve. The tour was led by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, a statewide grass-roots organization that is seeking to protect the state from destructive mining practices.

“A sharpness has come into my vision,” said Taylor Hall, a Harrison County novelist who made the tour. “I can’t look at the world anymore without envisioning its destruction.”

And this one:

One of the greatest environmental and human rights catastrophes in American history is underway just southwest of our nation’s capital. In the coalfields of Appalachia, individuals, families and entire communities are being driven off their land by flooding, landslides and blasting resulting from mountaintop removal coal mining.

Also, please watch Jim Tomlinson’s journal as he will soon be taking part in the upcoming mountaintop removal author’s tour.

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