This is the most excellent, excellent news and I’ve been sitting on my hands waiting for Pia Ehrhardt to announce her news–as she has done–Oh, happy day!:

MacAdam/Cage will publish my short story collection – FAMOUS FATHERS – in Spring 2007, and my novel – SPEEDING IN THE DRIVEWAY – in Spring 2008.

Since I was eight or nine years old, I’ve kept kept company with other writers in libraries and bookstores. I dreamed that one day the books I needed to write would be on the shelf, wedged in with the Ys and the Zs, and, finally, I soon will have two books. In the nick of time. Between the Ds and Fs. Thank you for reading my work – please don’t stop, and to PJ Mark – please don’t stop.

Pia, I could not be happier for you! Can’t wait until your books are on my shelves.

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