When I read this post The Madness Continues on MoorishGirl yesterday, I was chilled right to my core.

Then I read Patricia Zohn’s series on a soldier returning home–Part I, Part II (there will be two more parts) and I got even more depressed:

But RJ says, “A lot of things they preach over there were stupid to me: these weren’t my friends or people I was trying to help …this was my enemy, face to face shaking our hands, then trying to blow us up.” He “kept them at a distance” and didn’t learn the language; he didn’t want a guy approaching him saying “thank you mister, thank you, thank you, not knowing what he had strapped to his back.” Though he came to understand why someone might join the insurgency (poverty, no food, “hell on earth”), he “never got to a personal level with Iraqi women and children.” Unlike Joey, his strategic overview made possible by his post-Iraq service as a General’s aide-de-camp, he didn’t see détente as part of his mission. “You don’t join the military with prospects of changing the world,” he reiterates.

But then I read the best bit of news– Bush Approval Rating Drops to Record Low 31% in USA Today Poll–and I thought, Yes!!!!!

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