I’m not quite sure why The Boston Globe chose to make this story about women’s clothing size a cover story, but it has got to be something you’ve noticed as a woman–that the size of clothes is not what it used to be:

”I tried on a size 0 skirt and it was too big,” said Chao, a 30-year-old graduate student of molecular biology at Harvard University. ”To me, a size 0 is antimatter; it’s something devoid of any physical reality.”

Chao was already mystified by how she’d shrunk from a size 8 in high school to a size 2 today, despite gaining 15 pounds in the interim. But now at size 0, she realized something curious was afoot.

The reason I find this fascinating is that I have no idea what size I am–it’s always a crap shoot at the store and getting worse, but now that I see it’s all about clothing makers and retailers appealing to what they perceive as women’s vanity, it irritates me. Here I thought it was ME. That my body had changed somehow. But no, instead the powers that be are fucking with our body image.

Pick a standard for clothing and stick to it! What is the big deal? I just want clothes that fit and now I know why when I buy the jeans I’ve always bought in the size I’ve always bought them and they are falling off me (even though MY size has not changed), that it’s not me, it’s them. I’m wasting money here, people! Knock it off!

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