Do you remember those books when you were a kid where someone would send in your name and then miraculously you would receive a book that starred YOU (I never had one of these but I had friends who did and they were never quite as cool as you thought they would be–the name printed in was always so obviously added later. It was a bit embarrassing, really).

Well, I just stumbled across this advertisement–Romance by You:

You co-author your 160 to 180-page novel by providing the names, features and places that personalize your book. There are over 26 characteristics to personalize – you can even include your dog or cat! A personalized cover adds that finishing touch.

Still, I think I might have to get this for Allen for our anniversary. Which should I choose Medieval Passion, Tropical Treasure, Love’s Next Door, Pirates of Desire, Vampire Kisses, Western Rendezvous, or ER Fever?

BUT WAIT! You can make your own personalized excerpt–here’s ours:

Medieval Passion describes the timeless romance of the ever so whimsical Lady Myfanwy and Allen Dean, heir to one of the largest, most magnificent estates in all of England.
Sit back and relax as you journey back through the ages to the regal setting of the late 1400s… a time of courage, honor, chivalry and true romance!

Chapter Three… Myfanwy & Allen – the first encounter

…A rut in the road caused the carriage to lurch violently and Lady Myfanwy was flung backward, her hands grasping for the satin upholstery over her head. But again it was Allen that saved the day, catching Myfanwy up in his arms as the carriage careened over the rut, finally righting itself onto the pathway.

Gathered in a reckless embrace Myfanwy held to Allen, golden tassels twisted against the length of her fingers in one hand, dark brown locks of his hair in the other. In the midst of her own ill considerations of him, she discovered in fear that she relished the touch of this bold Marquis … more than what the love of another man would readily grant forgiveness.

Myfanwy lost the strength to ask that Allen stop as his lips reached the curve of her neck. She felt his royal hands explore her bare legs beneath the cover of her gown. Beyond all sense of reason, his lips met with hers, eager for her unforeseen delicacies …

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