This morning, I could talk about the two plagiarism articles on the front page of The Boston Globe but instead I’m going to talk about stuff that really interests me: James Joyce, reading, drinking, Irish pubs–all of which can be found in this article:
They’ve been reading ‘Finnegans Wake’ since 1996. They’ll probably fi nish it in 2021:

It’s a quiet night at The Thirsty Scholar, an Irish pub and dating bar on Beacon Street. A handful of bored-looking guys sit at the bar, watching a hockey game on the TV, and a few couples and small groups chat quietly at scattered tables. But in what Irish pubs call ”the snug,” an alcove off the dimly lit main room, conversation is animated, laughter frequent, and there are more books than bottles on the table. The Boston-area ”Finnegans Wake” Reading Group is in session.

Somebody ought to pay these guys $500K just for being dedicated and passionate readers. That’s what I’m saying.

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