Got a nice note from Miriam N. Kotzin and Bill Turner the editors of the new(ish) ezine Per Contra. If you haven’t checked out this impressive ezine yet, you should give it a read. Here’s what Miriam and Bill have to say about their creation:

Our quarterly publication, Per Contra publishes fiction and poetry, interviews with authors, interviews with artists and images of their work, non-fiction, as well as book and music reviews.

Our authors of fiction and poetry have won many awards, and, in June, our roster includes two MacArthur recipients along with a book of the month club author and work by an author praised as “a startling new writer” of “signpost fiction.”

In our first two issues we’ve published poetry by Elaine Terranova, Jane McGuffin and R.T. Smith and fiction by Richard Burgin, Randall Brown, Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Ann Hood, Luke Whisnant, Gail Galloway Adams, Ania Vesenny and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

We also have distinguished contributing editors: Richard Burgin, author of many books and founding editor of Boulevard; and Steven Rosen who has thirty years of writing about rock music and musicians. Al Gury will be joining us as a contributing editor in the next issue.

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