I’ve been thinking of “Little Noises” lately as it relates to Freygate and JT Leroygate. If you write, I would urge you to watch it if you haven’t already because it might touch some nerve in you, might expose some of your own darkness, your own questions of, “what would I be willing to do to achieve validation?”

The premise is that Joey (played by Crispin Glover), leads sort of a meaningless, hapless life. As such, he tells everyone he is a writer and yet he can’t really write–either he’s blocked or he never could, I’m not sure which. However, he has this mute friend who DOES write and so when push comes to shove, Joey steals his friends poems and goes on to achieve fame and fortune with them.

I haven’t thought of this movie in years, though I loved it (I think Cripsin Glover is great. Have you seen Rubin and Ed? My god that movie is funny) but in light of all of these ethical questions about what people are willing to do to achieve fame–and more specifically literary fame–I think it’s interesting.

On top of this, sometime in the early 90s Glover put out a book called “Rat Catcher” (I think a friend of mine still has a copy of it) and it was, as memory serves, a combination of text written by him and also text lifted directly from a book on catching rats. Not sure how this relates–other than he irreverently stretched the boundaries of authorship.

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