There is a large platform in the sky–it is the size and shape of a football field, but transparent (still I think it has lines on it) and there are ladders from the ground up to the platform.

The thing is that it as high up as an airplane. So if you are on it (as I was) and looking down, it’s a long way to the ground from where you are. There is something within you that tells you that you’ve been here before, on this platform.

And say you are with this family–a mother, father, and three kids (maybe four, maybe two)–and they are enjoying their time on the platform but eager to get back down. They want you to come with them but you are scared. The rope ladders down seem rickety. If you fall, you will die.

As you stand at the edge, the family begins to descend, prodding you, “Come on, Myfanwy! You can do it!” But you are too afraid to follow. Then something in you changes and you bend down and take that first step onto the ladder. You are still scared and the wind picks up a bit but you are on your way down.

And then you wake up.

This was my dream this morning. What say you?

And here is a line from my daily horoscope: The less concerned you are with outcomes today, the better.

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