Across from the end of my street is a small pond, which is nearly empty of water by the end of summer. I hadn’t thought much lived there other than frogs and mosquitoes, but now I know that I am wrong.

It seems two (one of our neighbors saw them, this is how I know two) beavers have set up shop in the pond and this poor tree (note the bottom of it, how it is girdled by their gnawing) stands as evidence of their work ethic, their fearlessness in the face of a daunting task.

Cutting down trees is difficult work and it takes skill and vision. You have to know how where to make your first cut in order to plan where the tree will fall. If you cut wrong, you could end up in a dangerous or frustrating situation. And how do these creatures know where to cut? Clearly, there is instinct involved.

I wish I could see them working on this tree. It seems, though, that they have stopped for the time being. It’s cold out. They are underground.

They have inspired me, though. Reminded me that even though a task may seem daunting, if you persevere you will reach your goal (not always true, of course, but this is what I’m telling myself). A reminder for the new year.

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