I have only a few things to say:

* Went to see the Ansel Adams exhibit today at the MFA in Boston. It was packed out with many people who wanted to be there but who didn’t actually want to see. I felt frustrated–like in the Louvre when everyone is crowded around the eensy Mona Lisa. She’s so small and delicate, after all. Give her some air. Let her breath. SEveral times I felt my throat seize. Felt the urge to stand in the middle of the room and scream something like, “SHUT UP! No one cares if you have climbed Mt. Washington!”

* I finished “The Year of Magical Thinking” today (would have read it in its entirety yesterday but life got in the way)–am mentioning this because it happens to be Dec. 30, which is the anniversary of John Gregory Dunne’s death. This book has left me skinless. My emotions are live and jumping on my skeleton (even more so than normal). Just ask poor Allen Dean who drove me to Boston today. Wath out for that car! There are cars on this highway! Watch out for THEM!

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