At some point last week I had a dream about two coyotes in my backyard. My dog was on his run and nosing around in the snow as he is wont to do. And I was looking out the window at him, worrying for some reason. And then these two animals–the coyotes–came tearing through the yard past Darby. And he started barking like mad and trying to get off his leash.

I banged on the window and yelled at him to stop and come here. I could not get to him.

The coyotes ran by again and I noticed that they were larger than they should be–my non-dream mind told my dream mind that these were not coyotes but wolves. My dream mind insisted on recognizing them as coyotes.

This sort of thing happened to me again this past weekend when I was having a dream in which I was trying to scream. It was a sort of dream within a dream in which my non-dream mind said, “You are dreaming within this dream and trying to scream” and this time my dream mind said, “Yes. I am dreaming within a dream about trying to scream, about trying to scream within a dream.”

Basically, I was holding a mirror up to a mirror and contemplating eternity.

This is what “the holidays” does to me.

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