I would argue that no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a healthy serving of peas and carrots. For the peas, I have frozen baby peas (peas are the only vegetables I eat frozen and that is because a) fresh peas are hard to come by in these parts and b) fresh peas are a pain in the ass). Frozen peas are just fine as far as I am concerned. What are not fine are the peas of my youth–squishy, soggy, gray–canned peas.

The carrots, however, are fresh.

I have already peeled them and then steamed them (I never boil vegetables) and then I added butter and dill. Tomorrow I will nuke them and the peas and Voila! Peas and carrots if you please. Should you want something with a bit more pizzaz, you might try this buttered carrot pudding recipe I found (serves 250).

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, the photos:

The carrots in the steamer, awaiting their fate.

Huzzah! They are cooked and a tablespoon or so of butter is added, along with dill.

When I had a garden, I grew my own dill, but now that I live in the woods, I use this stuff.

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