Woke up to the smell of burning plastic. Not good. Had run the dishwasher over night and the lid from one of my Nalgene bottles had somehow lodged itself on the bottom and gotten chewed off by the heat of the dry. Some of it is now puddled on the bottom of the dishwasher. The house reeks.

When I let Darby out to pee this morning in the still near dark, an owl swooped across the lawn into the trees. Their bodies are so substantial compared to other birds. I wonder how it feels to have their talons gripping into your soft micey flesh. Makes me shiver.

There is a strong wind blowing through knocking the remainder of the leaves off the stubborn oak trees. The lawn is all orange-brown with the leaves, the sky more visible through the trees with each minute.

And so far, this is today. A Monday in November and the birthday of my big sister, Michaela, and my Auntie Norma.

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