I am eager to see the biopic Capote, not only because I am fascinated by Truman Capote but also because one of my favorite actors–Philip Seymour Hoffman–plays him in the film. There’s an interesting interview with Hoffman at nerve.comImitation of Life:

As a creative person, you’re looking for that thing that frees you up, that makes you lucid, that makes you feel like all of a sudden you have ideas pumping easily. I think everyone relates to that. He was at a certain point in his career, which is where I am too. I’m at a certain point in my career as an actor. At thirty-five, you’re looking for something you weren’t looking for when you were twenty-one. You don’t know what that is, and then it comes across your face. Perry Smith [one of the killers] walking up the courthouse steps. What impact did it have on a man’s life, much less a culture of a country? When it comes to journalism and writing and celebrity and reality television, for God’s sake. It really does spin out into an area that’s pretty huge. I mean, there’s people who don’t know who Capote is who’ve been affected by that book.

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