That’s what I’m talking about–George Bush, David Caruso, and Katrina: Why Now Is Precisely the Time for Finger-Pointing:

And make no mistake, what we saw go down — and not go down — in New Orleans was definitely a crime… a crime that is in many ways still in progress. Sixty percent of the city remains underwater; up to 160,000 homes in the state of Louisiana have been submerged or destroyed; 60 to 90 million tons of solid waste need to be cleaned up; experts warn that it make take “years” to fully restore clean drinking water; and an outbreak of vibrio vulnificus — a cholera-like bacterial disease — has been reported among some Katrina evacuees.

This is clearly going to be a very long recovery process. And the sooner we’ve identified those responsible for the Katrina tragedy, the sooner we can make sure they’re not around to screw up the recovery.

So, yes, now is precisely the time for assessing blame. Let a thousand pointed fingers bloom!

Go, Arianna, go!!

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