Do not tell me it is not time for blame. I’m so sick of politicians on the news saying that they are not blaming. It is fucking well time for blame. It is TIME. It is beyond time.

Tragedy, disaster, it will not wait.

If we do not start to say who fucked up and why and who did not do what he was supposed to do, now is the time. Now. If you don’t believe me, then read this fine rant by Ms. Lori to give you some ammunition about why. Or just watch some of the horrific images on CNN (because they are not cleaning up, they are not bowing down, they are not fucking cowering)–like the ones I just saw of mutilated corpses in the convention center in New Orleans.

Those people needed help and the United States Federal government did not help them. It is time for blame and those of you (the higher ups at FEMA, the Bush family) who deserve blame, know that YOU have done wrong. They’ve fucked up. Karl Rove. Dick Cheney (hey, Dick, where’ve you been lately? Oh, that’s right buying a two+ million dollar Haliburton mansion while people were dying in NOLA).

You are to blame. We blame you. We do blame you. And if we don’t, collectively blame you. I blame you.

I officially blame you. And I hope you feel shame, but I suspect that you don’t give a shit because you don’t really care about anyone outside of your priveleged life–that is abundantly clear.

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