After an amazing week at the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Workshop in the Sierra Nevada mountains, I’m home in steamy New Hampshire. It is hot here. Very hot. Fucking hot. And damp. Humid. Moist. Sultry. Think Louisiana swamp in July and you might start to understand the weather here.

Still, it is nice to be home.

The flight(s) was uneventful, except that I was able to catch an earlier flight to Boston when I changed planes in Chicago and so was home two hours before expected. This is a good thing, as I had stayed up late on Friday and had, perhaps, one too many glasses of wine at high altitude (and on not much food). So, I was going on not much sleep and the beginnings of a fierce hangover by the time I got my plane in Reno.

I’m still processing the entire experience, so I’m not quite ready to debrief. Let me just say this: it was, once again, life-changing. In fact, much more so than last year, which proved to just be the appetizer. This year was the main course.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in while I was gone (and thanks for your comments, which brings me to another point. Some of the comments are mysteriously going into blogger comments instead of haloscan. So, if you post a comment and it doesn’t show up on the main page–that’s why. Sorry! I’m going to investigate when my brain has moved back to East Coast time and see if I can fix it).

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