That was a “tip” one of my regulars (What a guy! Guess he didn’t realize that cash would have gone a long way seeing as I was paying my way through college on tips) gave me when I was a bartender. I’d like to add a tip, never trust that a flight originating from the midwest in the middle of the summer is going to take off on time, OR, better yet, never fly an airline whose mechanics are about to go on strike, and, finally, never trust a travel agent who sends you from New Hampshhire to Atlanta via Detriot.

Was I insane? WHY did I let her book that flight for me? Well, it turns out that it was the only one I could get on Sunday because America is on the move and in the air. And even though it took me seven hours for what could be a 2 hour direct flight, I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME!!!

And let’s hear it for all of the nice folks I met along the way–the guy who had only been home for six hours in the past two weeks that I met at the bar in Chili’s; Florence, the retired community development professor from Seattle, who used my cell phone to call her nephew (her first time on a cell phone); and the environmental activist guy with the great sense of humor on the plane from Detriot to Atlanta. Hope you all made it safe and sound to your homes, etc.

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